Specialty Fengrossment Concentration.

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We strive to enhance our customers’ business and create real value for them. LONCI has the most comprehensive specialty industrial ceramics product lines. Four production locations guarantee manufacturing excellence and highest quality across the entire product range. A global team of customer service and supply chain experts know our customers and passionately cater to their needs. A worldwide network of experienced technical sales specialists are supported by LONCI unrivaled expertise, built through thirty decades of industrial ceramics research and investment. Our in-depth knowledge of customers’ applications and clear understanding of the latest technology trends are key enablers for meeting our customers’ needs and driving product innovation.

For temperature measurement,mainly used for thermometric element protection,isolate them from outside world,reduce or prevent components being corroded,oxidized or damaged during use.We have available stocks for corresponding products.High quality and stability products guarantee to be supplied based on years’ production experiences.
mechanical manufacturing
Advanced ceramic structural parts are supplied for mechanical manufacturing,with excellent mechanical properties and good stability.Especially excellent resistance to corrosion/abrasion/thermal shock,making it ideal for applications in Mechanical Manufacturing Enterprises that demand harsh working environment.
Universal Semiconductor
We provide customized service for the application in the process of etching (Etch), physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), electrochemical deposition (ECD) and rapid heat treatment (RTP) and other key ceramic parts in the process environment or equipment.These high purity components can avoid pollution to the production process, its excellent performance can guarantee the stability of the parts for a long time, thereby reducing the occasional maintenance.
In view of the rigid standards of universal semiconductor field, we deal with the vertical production system from the powder processing to the final cleaning, to ensure that each process has high reliability. On this basis, our engineers select the best solution based on your needs,to ensure the best performance and service life.
New Energy
LONCI material can provide customized service for relevant ceramic parts in LED,solar, fuel cell, biomass energy and other new energy and environmental aspects.Our products with excellent performance, has become the first choice for many world-class manufacturers. Fine research in process by our scientists and engineers,ensure each customer’s accurate needs can be meet.
We also can provide customized service for ceramic parts in bio medical, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical and other industries.Resort to excellent material performance,top processing technology,precise size control,scientific quality management system, continuous communication and first-class integrated service,ensure that the products manufactured for you have a reliable quality assurance in every process.